Adobe Launches Online Office Suite

2 June 2008 By Madhur


Adobe has just launched an online office suite which is available at and contains a Word Processor(Buzzword), Web Conferencing(Connectnow), online file sharing(Share), file storage(MyFiles) and PDF converter. Not only this, Adobe has also announced the launch of Acrobat 9, the biggest release since the initial Acrobat Reader. The best thing about this new version is that Adobe has also incorporated Flash into it.

Currently the online office suite is in public beta. Buzzword is the adobe’s version of a web based word processor. Using it, users can create documents and collaborate on them with others. Users can also assign different permissions to each collaborator. Since it is web based, the documents can be accessed from anywhere. Adobe is also offering a web based video conferencing service. It allows the users to share there desktops on screen and chat and interact over Voip. The service called “Connectnow” is currently targeted from small businesses and individuals.

They have also introduced a file sharing and file storage features. Files uploaded to can be shared using a URL. Instead of getting a downloaded file, the user will be able to view the file in there browser using Flash and the file can also be embedded in any web page. Adobe has also introduced a conversion tool using which you can upload your documents and convert them to PDF.

With Adobe now competing with other online applications such as Google Docs and Office live Workspace, it will be interesting to see how it fares.

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Eva White says:

So the Microsoft People finally have serious competition. Good to know. Afterall monopoly never makes it comfortable for the users.

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