A Cute Mini Bluetooth Keyboard for Mobile Phones

1 June 2008 By Madhur

Bluetooth Keyboard

If you are a sort of a person who uses mobile phone for blogging and typing long emails, then this gadget is just for you. Japanese accessory maker I-O Data has come out with a small Bluetooth 2.0 keyboard which can be connected with cellphones for typing.

The CPKB-BT is equipped with Bluetooth 2.0 and is for the hardcore users who spend more time typing on there cell phones than on there computers. This small devices weights only 170 gm and is powered by a pair of AA batteries. The batteries can last around 2-3 months if the keyboard is used for around an hour daily.

This cute keyboard is priced at $153 and will be available from June 11. So will you guys find this thing useful ?

via CrunchGear

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Eva White says:

For a die hard blogger who wants to post at any time from anywhere, this seems to be the ultimate tool.

Kim Collins says:

There’s a similar product that I saw in this website http://www.pressdigital.com.au/phones-classic-pdas-accessories/just-mobile-roky-bluetooth-fabric-wireless-keyboard-p-3600.html that is also a wireless keyboard. What’s cool about it though is that it’s made of fabric. It’s amazing what technology can do!

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