2nd generation iPhone to be uncovered on Monday

8 June 2008 By Ankit Duseja

specs_box20080109 Steve Jobs is all set to roll out a 3G version of renowned Apple iPhone on Monday. This new generation of iPhone are expected to have GPS, a front VGA camera, blended smart looks, etc. The great rumor is that NO-AT&T thing has finally gone through apple’s mind i.e. Apple may also sell unlocked iPhone’s this time but still it remains a rumor.

The expected key features are listed below:

  • 3G connectivity
  • GPS
  • Front VGS camera
  • Back 2.0 MP or more camera
  • Edge
  • Wi-fi
  • Large touch screen
  • New application installer
  • New sleek design
  • Improved OS X

Having above all of this, can you guess the price of it? The rumors say it to be $200 i.e. ~8000INR. Well I don’t think so because why would a company offer all this features at a price of $200 just to beat the competitors at mobile market.

Lets hope for that these rumors go true. Having such a tempting phone at such a low price sounds really good. 🙂

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