World’s Super Long Phone

23 May 2008 By Rakshit


There is a big competition among different mobile companies that claim their mobile phones to be “the smallest“, “the thinnest” or “the lightest“. But how about manufacturing a mobile phone that is “the longest”?

Most phones are designed to be pocket-friendly. But the designer Tamer Koseli thinks a bit different. His phone is probably the world’s longest phone ever made.

He wanted to create a device with no superfluous features. That’s right, you won’t find a MP3 player, video capabilities, or even a camera. But WAIT! Don’t dismiss the Super Phone yet because it’s got a touchscreen. There’s plenty of room for touchscreen functionality. There are, in fact, two displays: One OLED that shows basic info, the other for scrolling. And from the pictures, while there’s no digital camera onboard, there appears to be an expansion slot of some sort.

So, if this Super Phone manufactured commercially, would you be interested in buying one?



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