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19 May 2008 By Shashank

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If you own a iPhone then you will love this iPhone Hack, its known as VistaPerfection 2.0 and what it does is a complete makeover of the iPhone interface to get a look and feel of Microsoft Windows Vista. Now you can stun your friends if they already haven’t read about it.

The latest iPhone software gives a great look to your iPhone but currently the installation is little bit hard, the developer is working on a installer which will make the installation process easier. You can see in the pics, how the iPhone Vista makeover looks like.

iphone appVistaRestore-2

The software also comes with over 90 icons, more Better And Sharper Dock Icons, Boot And Restore Images, More Dock Icons (Text,Installer,..Ect..), Categories Icons,Badges, Sliders, Edge Icon, Vista Login/LogOff (Unlock/Lock) Sound Scheme, Status Bar, Revamped TaskBar, LockScreen Wallpaper, Highlight Mask, Bottom Bar. Via slipperybrick

Full download and installation instructions can be found at Modmyiphone

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Bush Mackel says:

This is a funny one because I have a feeling that MOST of the people who bought their iPhone wouldn’t be caught dead with a M$ theme on it, and the people who would don’t own an iPhone! Ha ha!

Nirmal says:

The theme is simply awesome, but not use how many iPhone users will love it. 😀

Joel says:

Amazing one…Looks like people need a change after sometime afterall…

Shashank says:

@Bush Mackel and Nirmal

The theme is hot favorite among iPhone users and is being downloaded like crazy.

afterall change is good and people love to flaunt new things 😉

moon2010 says:

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and free iphone software on

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