Special: Nokia Mobiles Latest Price List in Indian Rupees

26 May 2008 By Shashank

Have you ever wanted to know the actual retail price of Nokia mobiles? starting from this post i will bring you the most updated insider current Nokia Mobiles price list, Sony Ericsson Mobiles price list, Motorola Mobiles price list. So next time you are out shopping for mobiles, don’t forget to refer this series to get the exact prices of various mobiles available in your zone. This price list will definitely help you in bargaining for the best possible price.

Here is the current Nokia Mobiles Price List :

Nokia E-Series Mobiles Prices:

Nokia E-50 – Rs 8050/-

Nokia E-51 – Rs 11,400/-

Nokia E-61i – Rs 15,700/-

Nokia E-65 – Rs 12,600/-

Nokia E-70 – Rs 18,300/-

Nokia E-90 – Rs 34,800/-

Nokia N-Series Mobiles Prices:

Nokia N-77 – Rs 15,000/-

Nokia N-95 8 GB – Rs 28,250/-

Nokia N-95 – Rs 21,100/-

Nokia N-81 8GB– Rs 15,700/-

Nokia N-81 – Rs 14,300/-

Nokia N-76- Rs 13,300/-

Nokia N-73 Music Edition – Rs 13,000/-

Nokia N-73 Normal – Rs 11,250/-

Nokia N-70M – Rs 9600/-

Nokia N-72 – Rs 7630/-

Other Nokia Mobiles Prices :

Nokia 6110 – Rs 13,200/-

Nokia 6500s – Rs 13,200/-

Nokia 6500c – Rs 13,000/-

Nokia 5700 – Rs 11,100/-

Nokia 7500 – Rs 9350/-

Nokia 6300 – Rs 7290/-

Nokia 6233 – Rs 7020/-

Nokia 6085 – Rs 4650/-

Nokia 5610 – Rs 11,600/-

Nokia 5310 – Rs 8830/-

Nokia 5300 – Rs 6050/-

Nokia 5200 – Rs 4970/-

Nokia 3500 – Rs 5440/-

Nokia 3110 – Rs 4630/-

Nokia 2760 – Rs 3150/-

Nokia 2630 – Rs 3530/-

Nokia 2600 – Rs 3080/-

Nokia 2626 – Rs 2600/-

Nokia 1650 – Rs 1930/-

You can use this mobile price list for comparison among various mobiles, the prices given above includes the dealer margin too. I will try to add the prices of new Nokia Mobiles and updating this list on a regular basis.

Note: This price list is applicable to Delhi and Delhi NCR only. But you can easily get pretty straight estimate for other zones too.

Nokia Priority Dealers have a greater margin when compared to normal mobile stores, they charge 200-300 Rs or more extra on any Nokia mobiles. If you have other Mobile stores nearby then i recommend purchasing from them as you will save couple of bucks for sure, just make sure you are getting a seal packed box.

Coming up soon Sony Ericsson and Motorola Mobile Prices.

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Here are the ways to get the latest hardware and mobile prices in India

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