Sony Walkman E020 bundled with Multiple Color Panels

25 May 2008 By Rakshit


Do you ever wish for a MP3 player that always suits your dressing style or your outfit or even your mood? Well, Sony is all set to launch its new Walkman MP3 Player series NWD-E020F featuring replaceable Style-Up panels that allow users to change the color of their Walkman.

The NWD-E020F series’ Style-Up panels are available in five different sets: Pure White and Precious Gold; Luxury Pink and Jewel Pink; Ocean Blue and Forest Green; Urban Black and Shiny Silver; as well as Blazing Red and Indigo Blue. In addition, users can choose from 10 optional Style-Up panels to complement their varied lifestyles.

Their is also cap on this new entry-level player which hides a built-in USB jack. This new Walkman series is available in 1GB and 2GB models, and can store up to an impressive 1,350 songs or 90 hours worth of music. It combines innovative features like Quick Charge and Clear Audio technology to ensure that this Walkman is also big on sound. The Quick Charge function is engineered to suit today’s mobile lifestyles. Users are able to charge the player for 3 hours worth of playback in just 3 minutes. Great, huh?

This new Walkman series is also equipped with a FM tuner and 3-line color LCD display, letting the user enjoy the best of both music worlds as well as convenient song navigation. The Walkman players also support the open audio formats of MP3, security-enhanced Windows Media Audio (WMA), non-secure AAC and Linear PCM, enhancing file compatibility.

It will be available in Asia Pacific from mid June 2008. So far, the US pricing stands at US$69 and US$79 for the 1GB and 2GB versions, respectively, while optional panels aside from the bundled ones will cost US$12 each. It is just a matter of time when it is available worldwide. So better start planning to buy one.

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So the walkman has become the ultimate fashion statement.

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