Nokia to Launch 40 Green Mobile Phones

26 May 2008 By Rakshit


World’s top cell phone maker, Nokia is planning to launch around 40 new green phone models this year — each comprising biodegradable components that can be easily recycled.

Normal mobile phones are not biodegradable. They contain small amounts of potentially harmful substances such as cadmium, lithium, among others, in their batteries which, if not managed properly, can damage the environment.

Announcing the launch, D Shivakumar, VP and managing director, Nokia India, said, “We will be using biodegradable phone covers, recyclable battery designs that use less harmful toxic materials and energy efficient accessories for all our forthcoming phones. Already, we have eliminated the use of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) in all our phones.”

nokia-green-phones.jpg “The green phones, which we will launch this year, will be introduced across all price ranges,” he added. “The consumer simply places the contents in the bag and then puts it in their mailbox. We are evaluating similar refurbishment processes for India, which is the second-largest telecom market,” added Shivakumar.

Nokia has already launched an eco-friendly phone, Nokia 3110, which the company claims is 65 per cent recyclable. Also, it is working towards reducing the energy consumed by mobile chargers up to 50 per cent.

Nokia also plans to open up ‘Green Bins’ across all Nokia dealers in India, where customers can dispose of their old mobile phones for recycling. The company also stated that the number of materials that cannot be recycled in the mobile phone can be reduced by using Biomaterials like polylactic acid plastics with plant or other biomass based modifiers such as biodegradable phone cover and battery.


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robert says:

yea i like the idea

hassan says:

Nice…No wonder Nokia’s the best seller and manufacturer in the World hats of to them and thanks for sharring.

i want green bins….bt wts a actual price

KpK says:

Thanks Nokia.
You are doing good job.
Keep it up and i will also deposite 2100, 3230 and N70M for recycle when i buy E5.

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