Coming Soon: Motion Sensitive Gaming to Sony Ericsson Mobiles

30 May 2008 By Shashank

sony ericsson upcoming mobile technology

Reports have surfaced that Sony Ericsson has signed a deal with california based GestureTek company to bring their specialized software to S.E mobiles that will turn your mobile camera into a motion-controlling sensor which could then be used as a accelerometer like in iPhone. Mobile owners will be directly able to control the on screen characters by tilting the screen in a same way we play games on Nintendo Wii.


It is also said that the software will work on both the new and old handsets having a camera and it will use the mobile camera to sense movements. The games that will support motion sensitive gaming on Sony Ericsson mobiles are Crash Banicoot and Super Monkey Ball.

Nice move by Sony Ericsson, lets see if Nokia also comes up with something like that.

via Pocket-lint

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Hassan says:

I think SE’s upcoming Touchscreen cellphone Xperia X1 will pack a feature of touch screen gaming so its user doesent have to remember any key pad buttons for movements or other commands for that reason nice post.:D

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