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Reports have surfaced that Sony Ericsson has signed a deal with california based GestureTek company to bring their specialized software to S.E mobiles that will turn your mobile camera into a motion-controlling sensor which could then be used as a accelerometer like in iPhone. Mobile owners will be directly able to control the on screen characters by tilting the screen in a same way we play games on Nintendo Wii.

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Have you ever wanted to know the actual retail price of Nokia mobiles? starting from this post i will bring you the most updated insider current Nokia Mobiles price list, Sony Ericsson Mobiles price list, Motorola Mobiles price list. So next time you are out shopping for mobiles, don’t forget to refer this series to get the exact prices of various mobiles available in your zone. This price list will definitely help you in bargaining for the best possible price.

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World’s top cell phone maker, Nokia is planning to launch around 40 new green phone models this year — each comprising biodegradable components that can be easily recycled.

Normal mobile phones are not biodegradable. They contain small amounts of potentially harmful substances such as cadmium, lithium, among others, in their batteries which, if not managed properly, can damage the environment. Continue Reading →


Do you ever wish for a MP3 player that always suits your dressing style or your outfit or even your mood? Well, Sony is all set to launch its new Walkman MP3 Player series NWD-E020F featuring replaceable Style-Up panels that allow users to change the color of their Walkman. Continue Reading →


There are quite a large number of Portable Hard Drives available in the market. But most of them does not have a cool outer look that is must for an external drive.

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Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is all set to launch its own satellite imaging system on its website within six months. The system will be similar to geo-mapping service Google Earth or even better than this. According to ISRO, their images qualities will be much better than what is provided by Google Earth right now. Continue Reading →


This multi-purpose USB hub not only offers you connectivity options for another four USB 2.0 devices, it is also a 3 in 1 combo gadget-> Warmer + Cooler + Hub.

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There is a big competition among different mobile companies that claim their mobile phones to be “the smallest“, “the thinnest” or “the lightest“. But how about manufacturing a mobile phone that is “the longest”?

Most phones are designed to be pocket-friendly. But the designer Tamer Koseli thinks a bit different. His phone is probably the world’s longest phone ever made. Continue Reading →

prince of persia

The web is abuzz about the suspense of new Prince of Persia video game, until now its not possible to get hold of any information about the actual name of the next installment of Prince of Persia game, previously rumours surfaced that the POP game will be called as Prince of Persia: Heir Apparent but Ubisoft has finally debunked rumours that the new Prince of Persia game will be called Heir Apparent.

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If you own a iPhone then you will love this iPhone Hack, its known as VistaPerfection 2.0 and what it does is a complete makeover of the iPhone interface to get a look and feel of Microsoft Windows Vista. Now you can stun your friends if they already haven’t read about it.

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