World’s Smallest Colour Laser Printers From Samsung

30 April 2008 By Shashank

Samsung_colour laser printer

Samsung Korea has introduced its two new small colour laser printers CLP-315K and CLX-3175FNK which it claims to be the world’s smallest colour laser printers available around. According to Akihabara the new printer CLP-315K is 20 percent smaller than the previous generation of the same series CLP-300, it features a resolution of 2,400 x 600 dpi, 32MB of internal memory, has a speed of 16 ppm(pages per minute) and operates at 45dB.

The other colour printer CLX-3175FNK comes with a built-in scanner (Black & White, Color) and fax, it is 40% smaller than previous generation CLX-3160 and can easily scan documents, store print them on a USB key without for a PC.

Pricing and availability information is not available yet.

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The features which you have talked about really impress me. This certainly will be a color laser printer worth trying out, if at all I need a color laser printer. 🙂

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