Tech Update: World’s Smallest Atom Sized Transistor Developed

21 April 2008 By Shashank

lates tech news-smalled atom UK scientists have innovated world’s smallest transistor which is comparable to the size of an atom and can well be considered as the building block of the electronic devices in future. The newly developed technological wonder is just one atom thin and 10 atoms wide and is made from super material Graphene a better conductor than Silicon which can increase the mobility of electrons 10 times of that in silicon thus making it a natural choice for semi-conductors of the future.

Research leader Dr Novoselov said graphene was a “wonderful conductor”, making it a perfect material for chip applications. “It is already superior to silicon by an order of magnitude and comparable to the best samples of other materials. We believe we can increase this mobility of electron flow 10-fold.”

Read more at BBC News

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