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17 April 2008 By Shashank

Jaxtr has revealed a free SMS service for mobile users worldwide including India, Now the users will be able to send free SMS text messages to any mobile carriers around the world. The free of cost SMS service is really easy to use the only requirement is that you have to sign up at Jaxtr and then you can invite or send messages to your friends and family.

Visit jaxtr

Update: For users looking for sending free SMS service to India  check out related posts below.

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raed says:


ravendra says:

hello 😕 😀 😳 😛

Eva White says:

Sounds like a great way to save money on the phone bill.

somu says:


suni says:

ssssss ❗

tholthamizh says:


sonu says:

🙂 😕 😎 👿
nice service

nannu says:

so good 😮

Nachi says:

so nice 😳

lejla says:

hi people tung njerzzzzzzzzz o kosovar 😆

atul says:

call me

buneri says:

how r u my dear

NIIL says:

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Shayad Kuch Soch Rahi Thi..
Yakayak 1 Kantay Ne Aa K Us K Honton Ko Zakham Bakhsha

Usne Phulon Ko Hata K Kante Ko Muthi Mai Le Kar
PYAR Se Thora Chuma

Shayad Wo Jan Gai Thi PYAR K Badle Yehi Milega…/

NIIL says:

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Rahul says:

Kya yaar sub bakva hai

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