Samsung Presents Stylish Dual Display Monitor

10 April 2008 By Shashank

Samsung has revealed a new stylish monitor which has two display screens primary display with a 22-inch LCD with a resolution of 1680×1050 and secondary display with tiny 7-inch LCD with a resolution of just 800×480. The concept is that the secondary display could be used for IM chat windows, music and video players without interrupting and cluttering your primary display’s work area.

The secondary display works on a USB UbiSync connection and is attached to the back of display which is movable so that you can move it left or right, it is also removable in chase you don’t need that second display.

The price of the Samsung 2263DX Dual Multimedia display is set to $550 which if you wish to spend wisely than you can easily get full dual screen set up with two 19 inch LCD’s  but then if you are not restricted by money then its a great way to show off your unique desktop.

via Gadgetvenue 

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senthil says:

I dont think it is very useful.since monitor is just for view and capture.

senthil says:

some kind of additional features regarding memory or hardware means it is very useful

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