Latest Technology News and Updates This Week

16 April 2008 By Shashank

Here are the top Tech News and Updates this week :

Harnessing TeraHertz Radiation For Next-Gen Supercomputing

A step has been taken by Utah Engineers which could possibly in future will help in the development of supercomputer with processing capabilites thousand times faster than the current breed of supercomputers. They made the equivalent of wires that carried and bent this form of light, also known as terahertz radiation (far-infrared), which is the last unexploited portion of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Read more about the latest research: Univ of Utah News

IBM Intros World’s Fastest Unix Server System and Water-Cooled Power 575 Supercomputer

IBM is all set to launch the powerful UNIX Enterprise Server which it claims to be the fastest UNIX server in the world and is equippped with IBM’s virtualization technology and superior power saving capabilites with better performance. The other high end machine is the POWER 575 which is a power 6 Hydro-Cluster super computer, it features includes an ultra-high frequency IBM POWER6 processors in up to 64-core, multiprocessing (SMP) configurations, the Power 595 server, PowerVM virtualisation, EnergyScale technology and Capacity on Demand (CoD) options and many others.

via Domain-b

Fring Launches Skype for iPhone

Fring has revealed its iPhone version here are the step by step instructions to install Fring on your iPhone. Fring is a free mobile internet service & community that enables you to access & interact with your social networks on-the-go, make free calls and live chat with all your fring, Skype, MSN Messenger, Google Talk, ICQ, SIP, Twitter, Yahoo! and AIM friends using your mobile internet connection rather than costly cellular airtime minutes

via Register

iPhone may Launch in India by September via Vodafone

Vodafone is working with Apple to release iPhone in India by the first week of september according to Apple retail sources, initially the 8 GB version of the multi-touch touchscreen device — which combines Wi-Fi capabilities with a powerful email client, TV feeds, online music store and map-based location guide — will be launched at a price ranging between Rs 27,200 and Rs 28,000.

Once the iPhone is launched in India, the users will not have to buy iPhone illegally through black market. iPhone is already having a huge fan following in India and many are using unlocked versions of iPhone.

Still i think they are launching at a exorbitantly high price they should reconsider the launching price if they want it to be successful in the price sensitive Indian market. via Business standard

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