Latest Nokia 6212 Classic Mobile with NFC Technology

15 April 2008 By Shashank

The all new Nokia 6212 features a new mobile communication technology NFC( Near Field Communication based on Blutooth) which enables sharing of data between two devices over 10cm range. Users will be able to transfer audio, video files or contact data directly to and from their mobile phones.

The slim Nokia 6212 classic comes with an extensive set of features such as a 2 megapixel camera, bright 2-inch QVGA display, stereo FM radio and music player supporting multiple formats. An optional microSD memory card of up to 4GB provides ample space for personal content such as images and songs.

“NFC-capable mobiles such as the Nokia 6212 classic are set to change the way mobile phone users interact with devices and services in their surroundings,” says Jeremy Belostock, the Head of Near Field Communications, Nokia. “With the Nokia 6212 classic, people can swap items like business cards or calendar notes by simply tapping their handsets together. With ever-increasing device functions and services available, ease-of-use is essential. One way to keep things simple is NFC.”

The Nokia 6212 classic can also be used as a travel ticket or for mobile payments. Travel tickets can be charged over the air, so there is no need to wait at the service counter. Users can store their credit card information on the device and access their account online directly from the handset. Using the Nokia 6212 classic for payment and ticketing purposes requires a service subscription and the installation of an appropriate secure application.

The 6212 Classic 3G mobile is expected to launch in the third quarter for about INR 12,660($316).

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Nirmal says:

Feature wise good, but poor design, not up to the competition.

Shashank says:

Yea design is not that good, its also a bit high priced IMO.

kanhiayalal says:

nokia 6212 very good look weak point 2 megapixal camera camera should be 5 megapixal thanks


is a good innovation in this era for producing smartphones

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