How To Play Street Fighter on your E61i or any other Symbian Mobile (S60 and S60 V3)

5 April 2008 By Shashank

If you own a symbian mobile then you can play almost all SEGA, MEGADRIVE games that you used to play on arcades like Street Fighter, Ultimate Mortal Combat, Streets of Rage, Mario and many more. All you need is a emulator which will emulate your mobile hardware and make the game believe that the game is running on original hardware. Follow the steps below to refresh your past memories of old games you used to play as a kid.

Things we need :

  • A symbian S60 , S60 V3 mobile
  • Picodrive emulator
  • Video Game ROMS( The software copy of game which comes in a BIN file)

Here i will be using my Nokia E61i (symbian S60 V3) mobile using picodrive emulator to play Super Street Fighter 2 , the steps are same for any other game too, once you became comfortable with this you can then experiment with other emulators available like for Vboy, Gameboy, NES etc.

  • Download Picodrive Emulator from the following locations according to your mobile version:

Download Picodrive for S60

Download Picodrive for S60 V3

  • After downloading Picodrive .sis file install it on your mobile
  • Download ROMs from these ROM sites or Google search like “SEGA Street fighter roms” or ” game of your choice ROMS” or download from here
  • Save game ROM files in the root directory of your mobile

  • Open Picodrive emulator

  • You will be presented with the following screen. Select Load ROM

  • Select game ROM of your choice and enjoy

Look my Ryu gets beaten up as i was busy taking screenshots 🙂

Above screenshot is of Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 ( one of my all time favorites )

  • Configure the sounds and screen graphics from the load ROM screen as per your requirements and your mobile.

One more pic that i clicked with a camera. Screen resolution and sound is good.
Street Fighter E61i

Everything works fine on my E61i and i have not tested this with other mobiles but it should work fine without any problems. To go back to the previous Picodrive menu use backspace in E61i and use space bar to start the game, you can change these controls as you wish.

If you have questions do let me know in comments and i will be happy to answer them.

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Awesome work man . Stumbled.

Shashank says:

Thanks man

Jan-Peter says:

I am having a Nokia E61i and was trying to install the Picodrive from this site but could not. I got Certficate Expired when tried to install the sis file, how to overcome that?

Shashank says:

Follow these steps on your E61i go to:
“Tools” > “App manager”>”Options”
“Settings” > “Configuration”
Change “Software installation” from “Signed only” to “All”
Also before installing .sis file change the date on your mobile system to 1 year before …it works most of the times.

Hassler says:

Thankyou very much my friend.

The way you have explained it is very good.

Thanks again and all the best to you.

Weslley says:

many thanks, worked perfectly on my Nokia E61i


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