Cricket Ball with Inbuilt Speedometer Technology for Live Speed Measurement

22 April 2008 By Shashank


A cricket ball has been developed which can measure its own speed and display the ball speed measurement on the tiny LCD screen on one side, it also comes with a inbuilt long lasting  battery. Until now radar guns have been used to measure the bowling speeds of bowler and there’s always been a curiosity among the cricket fans in deciding the “world’s faster bowler “, with the new Speedsensor measuring technology inside the ball itself it might become possible to get the accurate speed measurement and thereby giving the crown to the one who deserves it.

How it works:

The inbuilt Speedsensor measures the speed of bowl between the time when it first gets released from the bowler hand and until it hits something(preferably nets) whereas the Radar gun reads out the speed between the point when the bowl gets released from bowlers hand and strikes the pitch.

Well the ball in question is not for actual cricket its just meant for measurement purposes, the manufacturers claim that the ball sensors could get damaged if hit hard directly by the cricket bat so its only meant for measuing speeds on the nets only.

It comes with a three year battery life with price tag of US $45( around Rs 1800)

Product page

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Cool technology . In the future, we might have that type of ball in real use

Nirmal says:

I guess if it comes to Dhoni or Sehwag, the speedometer would be damaged. 😀

Arpan Singhania says:

i was reali searching 4 dis type of stuff…..
one more thing i wud lik 2 know is hao can we measure the speed of the bat.

plz reply.,,,…

Shashank says:

Hmm it might be possible

lol ya it will..

Measuring the speed of bat is more easy as sensor can be easily installed inside body of bat.. but speed of bat is not necessary 😉

xyz says:

its really amazin to have this kind of technology…….but the question is where can we purchase this ball

minesh says:

where do i get 1 from

Jojo Joseph says:

hey really cool one….the next technology would be like… the bowler can set the speed of the ball…he he he

ganesh says:

i want to buy that kind of laser gun how can i get it and where in india . maharashtra, mumbi plz reply me on my mail

Ashwin says:

I wnt 2 buy tht kind of ball n whts cost an wer v can get tht ball


where from we can get the product procured

niranjan says:

As i planned to do my final year project on cricket technology innovatively plz post some detailed approach in already existing technologies

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