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Inphase Technologies has developed a new form of storage discs which are based on the holographic technology and can record data at high densities thus posing a new competition to Blu-Ray( not really as the cost is too high). The 12 cm plastic discs can store upto 300 GB of data with lifespan of 50 years. However reading these disc drives requires a special drive called the Tapestry. Continue Reading →

Samsung_colour laser printer

Samsung Korea has introduced its two new small colour laser printers CLP-315K and CLX-3175FNK which it claims to be the world’s smallest colour laser printers available around. According to Akihabara the new printer CLP-315K is 20 percent smaller than the previous generation of the same series CLP-300, it features a resolution of 2,400 x 600 dpi, 32MB of internal memory, has a speed of 16 ppm(pages per minute) and operates at 45dB.

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Nokia has revealed a trio of new handsets Nokia 6600 slide, 6600 fold, and 3600 slide with the tag line “Beautiful To Use“. The new mobiles sports sophisticated looks with perfect blend of easy to use features for the next generation of mobile users. Continue Reading →


Nokia has added two new mobiles XpressMusic 5220 and XpressMusic 5320 handsets to its existing range of XpressMusic mobiles portfolio. The latest music mobiles are good looking and decently priced handsets targeted towards the music lovers who love to play music on the go, these have dedicated music keys, 3.5mm audio jack with dedicated music chip. Continue Reading →

western Digital-velociraptor

WD has revealed WD VelociRaptor hard drive which is said to be the world’s fastest SATA hard disk drive available today. VelociRaptor is a 300 GB, 2.5 inch hard drive, WD claims that it is 35 percent faster than the previous fastest Raptor model. Other features include 10,000 RPM, SATA 3 GB/s interface, 16 MB cache and 1.4 million hour MTBF thanks in part to the IcePack Mounting Frame. Continue Reading →


A cricket ball has been developed which can measure its own speed and display the ball speed measurement on the tiny LCD screen on one side, it also comes with a inbuilt long lastingĀ  battery. Until now radar guns have been used to measure the bowling speeds of bowler and there’s always been a curiosity among the cricket fans in deciding the “world’s faster bowler “, with the new Speedsensor measuring technology inside the ball itself it might become possible to get the accurate speed measurement and thereby giving the crown to the one who deserves it. Continue Reading →

lates tech news-smalled atom UK scientists have innovated world’s smallest transistor which is comparable to the size of an atom and can well be considered as the building block of the electronic devices in future. The newly developed technological wonder is just one atom thin and 10 atoms wide and is made from super material Graphene a better conductor than Silicon which can increase the mobility of electrons 10 times of that in silicon thus making it a natural choice for semi-conductors of the future. Continue Reading →

Jaxtr has revealed a free SMS service for mobile users worldwide including India, Now the users will be able to send free SMS text messages to any mobile carriers around the world. The free of cost SMS service is really easy to use the only requirement is that you have to sign up at Jaxtr and then you can invite or send messages to your friends and family. Continue Reading →

Here are the top Tech News and Updates this week :

Harnessing TeraHertz Radiation For Next-Gen Supercomputing

A step has been taken by Utah Engineers which could possibly in future will help in the development of supercomputer with processing capabilites thousand times faster than the current breed of supercomputers. They made the equivalent of wires that carried and bent this form of light, also known as terahertz radiation (far-infrared), which is the last unexploited portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. Continue Reading →

The all new Nokia 6212 features a new mobile communication technology NFC( Near Field Communication based on Blutooth) which enables sharing of data between two devices over 10cm range. Users will be able to transfer audio, video files or contact data directly to and from their mobile phones.

The slim Nokia 6212 classic comes with an extensive set of features such as a 2 megapixel camera, bright 2-inch QVGA display, stereo FM radio and music player supporting multiple formats. An optional microSD memory card of up to 4GB provides ample space for personal content such as images and songs. Continue Reading →

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