Unlock iPhone 1.1.4 Using Free App ZiPhone 2.5

10 March 2008 By Shashank

Apple’s iPhone is selling like crazy and for users in the countries like India where it has not yet released have no option but to import and unlock the iPhone to make it work locally. Today my cousin(Ripul Ryu) asked me if he should opt for the version 1.1.3 or should he go with the iPhone version 1.1.4 and how to unlock it. I did a quick search in google and find out that a great and free unlocking software for Apples’ iPhone ZiPhone 2.5 is available for a free download.

ZiPhone 2.5 is a free jailbreaking and unlocking software for the iPhone 1.1.4, you can download it from downloadZiPhone. You will be presented with a graphical interface through which you can unlock your iPhone 1.1.4 OTB( out of the box) for both Mac OS X and Windows. One of the prime reason of concern about jailbraking/unlocking iPhone is that the users who have iPhone 1.1.3 or 1.1.2 after updating via iTunes their iPhone gets locked again but now with the ZiPhone 2.5 all you have to do is upgrade your iPhone to 1.1.4 no matter what previous versions(1.1.2 or 1.1.3) you have. Before doing any experiments with your precious iPhone don’t forget to backup the data on your iPhone.

Here is the useful Youtube video which will guide you through the unlocking process of iPhone 1.1.4 :

YouTube Preview Image

ZiPhone blog here .Youtube video for 1.1.3 :

YouTube Preview Image

My cousin is getting his iPhone from US. Price $422 ( Rs 17,000 approx)

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Amit says:

I tried to unlock iPhone using ZiPhone. but somehow it is not unblocking my mobile career services.
I am using V 1.1.3 16GB iPhone.


Shashank says:

I think you should first upgrade to 1.1.4 then proceed with the unlocking process.. it should work fine.

Srikanth says:

Hi Shashank,

Can you please post a vidoe or note showing step by step procedure to unlock Iphone using Ziphone??

Gaurav says:

What is the meaning of OTB (Out of The Box)? Is this anything different from seal/box packed Iphone??

Shashank says:

Your PC needs to have Microsoft .net installed before using ziphone. Videos are already provided…let me know what problems you are facing.
OTB means that someone purchases as seal packed and then supplies as OTB like in India all iPhones are OTB at present as you have to unlock it before making it work with local carriers like Airtel, Hutch etc

Venu says:

I have unlocked my iphone v1.2.2. I am able make outgoing calls. But i am not getting the incoming call even the caller is getting the ring tone, my iphone showing symbol like loading…

what is the problem?


Sameer says:


I have iphone v 1.1.3 (4A93). Can I upgrade to v 1.1.4? if it gets locked, how will I unlock by using what version?



tooN says:

okay everything work but except my sim card still is not being read
can any one help

Nj says:

Get your iphone unlocked or upgrade it to the latest version
UNLOCKING OTB 1.1.2, 1.1.3 & 1.1.4 Using Pure Software


If anyones interested, please email me cuteprick@hotmail.com or call me…
Come with your iPhone & i’ll unlock it within 15mins.

To get ANY iPhone issues Solved/Repaired

CALL ME ON 9820541041

vijay says:

Get your iphone unlocked or upgrade it to the latest version
UNLOCKING OTB 1.1.2, 1.1.3 & 1.1.4 v2 3G Using Pure Software

If anyones interested, please email me vijaygrey@gmail.com or call me…
Come with your iPhone & i’ll unlock it within 15mins.

To get ANY iPhone issues Solved/Repaired

CALL ME ON +91 99948 12367
AM LOCATED IN Coimbatore

Jaiveer Gohil says:

This is awsome guys!!
Tnk u man
ull saved my day brothers!!
tnx amazing software

Cappie says:

🙂 Does this phone work in South Africa after it has been unlock by Jailbreak ?

deborah says:

um i dont no how to unlock my phone and i need some help

Roy Y Lee says:

I am interested in getting my iphones unlocked so that I could us them with my T-mobile carrer.

Joh Hernandez says:

i need some serious help unlocking this iphone it was originally unlocked but my dumb self decided to update it and it locked back up

someone help pleaseee!!

Paul says:

I tried loads of methods to unlock my iphone. The only one I found that worked was http://www.unlockiphone4free.blogspot.com
After ten mins I unlocked my phone simple and easy. Thanks

torvics... says:

Hi everyone..Just want to ask if i use Ziphone to unblock my iPhone, can i use it in any country,using different sim cards..Please reply,Thanks guys..

torvics... says:

Please me unblock my iPhone

Jennifer says:

I went to http://unlockcodes4free.blogspot.com/ and got my iphone jailbroken and unlocked. Thanks guys

Elizabeth says:

I went to http://how-to-unlock-your-iphone.blogspot.com/ and got my iPhone unlocked in less than a few minutes

Shahood says:

how i find ziphone, its not on ziphone’s name, or what?

k a raju says:

Is there some one in Hyderabad who can unlock i phone 3G

veysel says:

saollasın kardeş

Dipesh says:

Upgrade / Unlock / Jailbreak : iPhone 2G / 3G / 3GS / iPhone 4
iPod Touch / iPad.(any bootloader, baseband and firmware)
//////////////////Service for just rs. 500.////////////////
***Have the machine to convert Simcard to Microsim**** All apps will be provided free
**Untethered Jailbreak for iphone 3GS and 4(firmware 4.2.1) is out****
**Any hardware or issues related to iphone will be solved***
Contact me on +91 9960844434 (Dipesh)ANYWHERE in India
Have unlocked many iphones/ipad/ipod till now…Mail id dipesh43210@gmail.com… …
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