ThruVision T5000 Camera Can Peek Under your clothes

10 March 2008 By Shashank

Looks like we are getting closer towards the technology that we have seen in the James Bond films, the see through camera. A British company ThruVision has developed a revolutionary T5000 camera which has an awesome ability to see though your clothes but don’t think like James Bond yet, it has been developed to detect weapons, drugs or explosives hidden under people’s clothes from up to 25 meters and is specifically tailormade for the security industry.

T5000 camera uses “passive imaging technology” to identify objects by the natural electromagnetic rays — known as Terahertz or T-rays — that they emit. The high-powered camera can detect hidden objects from up to 80 feet away and is effective even when people are moving and the screening is harmless.

The technology, which has military and civilian applications and could be used in crowded airports, shopping malls or sporting events, will be unveiled at a scientific development exhibition sponsored by Britain’s Home Office on March 12-13.

“Acts of terrorism have shaken the world in recent years and security precautions have been tightened globally,” said Clive Beattie, the chief executive of ThruVision.

“The ability to see both metallic and non-metallic items on people out to 25 meters is certainly a key capability that will enhance any comprehensive security system.”

For those concerned about their privacy, the company also made clear that the technology does not reveal physical body details.

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Buddy it looks cool 😎 and it is not impossible to see through thin clothes with the current technology either. Want a proof? Take a look at this article on my blog

Nirmal says:

Well what kind of an image does it give? Metal objects?

Anna Barker says:

Anything designed to protect us from acts of Terrorism has to be a good idea. As someone who always sets the alarms off when I walk under the arch at the airport (I think it’s something to do with all my jewellery!), I can see it being pointed at me sometime in the future!

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