TATA Plans World Largest WiMax Network for India

5 March 2008 By Shashank

For majority of Indian internet users who are not satisfied with the current deployment of the broadband in India there’s a good news for all, TATA in partnership with US based Telsima corporation is all ready to set up world’s largest commercial WiMax network for high speed internet access in India which Indian users have only dreamt of yet.

“We will invest 500 million dollars by 2010 for setting up Wimax network, for which we have tied-up with US-based Telsima Corporation. The company is also in talks with investors to sell a minority stake in its retail unit,” Tata Communications’ Retail Business Unit President Shankar Prasad told reporters. “Telsima would provide WiMAX infrastructure and subscriber equipment solutions to deploy the commercial WiMAX network. It is setting up 3,000 base stations, which will enable customers to access video, education, music and business services,” he added.

TATA said that the deployment of WiMax network is already underway with more than 5,000 enterprise and retail customers in 10 cities using the network already and there are plans to cover 110 cities for enterprise users and 15 cities for the retail segment by the year’s end.

Lets hope TATA WiMax network comes at affordable costs with bearable speeds.

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Nirmal says:

This is good news for all Indians, lets hope this turns into reality soon.

Amitabh Kumar says:

Comments on Tata Communications to Invest $ 500 Million in WiMAX
March 05,2009
If you are about to dismiss this merely as a regional development in a far off world, don’t! Tata Communications has always been a global player, with global presence, acquisition of companies such as Teleglobe, Tyco global and largest investments in undersea cable systems such as Sea-Me-We 4 and Flag. Tata group itself has always been global with acquisitions such as Corus.
Tata’s investment of $500 million in WiMAX is one of the most important developments in Asia. While not at the level of XOHM at $4 billion , the impact on the broadband wireless scene in India will be immense and signify a paradigm change in the manner in which services are used across vast traits in the country where even 3G is a year away if not more.
We expect that like M-Taiwan initiative , it will be a major determinant of e-governance and online applications. India has one of the most vibrant stocks and commodity markets, highest per month growth of mobiles in the world and the largest entertainment industry in the world in terms of volume. We expect a large number of WiMAX enabled devices to emerge on the scene with this new initiative.
It will also be a clear signal to rest of Asia, where WiMAX is well used that this is the technology to use despite some dobuts being expressed by competing camps. Like Taiwan, we expect India to be the home ground for many of the new devices which natively support WiMAX.
The next step i.e. the auction of mobile WiMAX spectrum in India is sorely needed to be an enabler of further growth of these technologies.

suraj says:


sunil kumar says:

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