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15 March 2008 By Shashank

Technology review has published a list of TOP 10 Technologies that might change our future, here is the list. Let me know if you have heard them before .

  1. Modelling surprise- heard for the first time 🙂
  2. Probabilistic chips – again same
  3. Nanoradio – interesting
  4. Wireless Power – hmmm
  5. Atomic Magnetometers- bla bla
  6. Offline Web Apps- everyone knows about that
  7. Connectomics- connect-atomics …whatever
  8. Reality mining – mining?? huh
  9. Cellulolytic enzymes- must be related to biotechnology .

Clueless! head over to TechnologyReview to know more

AMD has started shipping of its triple core Phenom processors and it has become the first company to release triple core CPU’s. The triple-core offerings will be more energy-efficient than the quad-core counterparts in AMD’s portfolio, and will only take up 89 watts (as compared to 95 watts for the quads). They will also support AMD’s AM2+ socket with HyperTransport 3.0 technology, and will be fully interchangeable with AMD’s 65-nanometer quad-cores.

Via Softpedia

Scientists have discovered 15 genes behind the ageing effect in humans so don’t be surprised if you see some anti-ageing pills popping out in the market.

Via Telegraph

Voice free cellphone technology developed, now you will be able to talk without speaking and its meant for persons unable to speak, named Audeo, a combination of software and hardware that picks up nerve signals on the way to your vocal cords. Audeo translates the nerve signals into the words you’re thinking about saying, and then a computer voice says the words for you.

Via OhGizmo

Best inventions of 2008 Intel Science Search

Some remarkable young individuals got awarded in the talent search because of their nice innovations. Read about their inventions here

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