Innovative Keyboard With Storage Space

6 March 2008 By Shashank

Well this might be the first keyboard which comes with a flat storage space beneath the keys where you can easily store a lot of stuff related to your daily use. The idea is simple but its innovative enough to bring attention and it will definitely help to organize your cluttered desktop if the lazy inside of you want it to be.

Having the same size as of a standard keyboard, The Keyboard Organiser is a unique keyboard that opens like a clam shell to enable users to store their everyday desktop items such as pens, CD’s, markers, paper clips, stamps and more.

This is the worlds first and only patented fully functional computer keyboard that makes use of all the empty space. What a smashing idea !! The Keyboard Organiser has won many innovation awards and we can easily see why.

The PS/2 keyboard and Desktop organizer is available for $50( Rs 1950 approx) can be ordered via TradeSales

Via CoolestGadgets

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Rakshit says:

What an excellent innovation. I love to have this keyboard. The price is also quite reasonable.

Anyways, nice blog…..

Shashank says:

I think chinese counterparts will also become available soon, because they imitate all innovative ideas 🙂

Thanks for dropping by.

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