U.S. Researchers at the Stanford University are working on a 3 Dimensional camera with 12,616 lenses having 3 megapixel units with a total of 2,229,696 sensors to create a sort of super 3D effect, this 3D camera will not be only taking the pictures but it will also be recording the distances of various parameters in the photograph. The new technology could find applications in areas like 3D printing and virtual games on the internet. Continue Reading →

Luxury phones has its own class but unfortunately there are not too many luxurious phones available like this one, world famous Apple’s iPhone has got its luxury version named as iPhone Princess Plus designed by Peter Aloisson with brilliantly cut princess diamonds, these diamonds are 17.75 carats sorrounded by 18K white gold. Continue Reading →

Finally the first Service Pack for Windows Vista has been released by Microsoft targeting the loopholes in the OS released previously, the SP1 for Vista will include several security fixes, patches to avoid incompatibility issues, performance upgrades which are long awaited by the users and hopefully this SP1 update will increase the Vista’s performance( i have seen it crawling even on above avg machine with 2 GB RAM). Continue Reading →

Following the BitTorrents online store LimeWire has also launched its online music store which will provide its users a choice to choose among millions of DRM free tracks and music albums. The new Limewire Download store is currently in its beta stage and they have plans to add thousands of tracks on a  daily basis across all genres. Continue Reading →

Verizon is testing a new peer to peer technology protocol P4P (Proactive network provider participation for P2P) which aims to reduce the backbone traffic and lower network operation costs. In P2P you get connected to random peers to share your data whereas in P4P the peers are intelligently selected as the protocol utilizes network topology data to maximize the efficiency of routing between the peer to peer connections. Continue Reading →

Technology review has published a list of TOP 10 Technologies that might change our future, here is the list. Let me know if you have heard them before .

  1. Modelling surprise- heard for the first time 🙂
  2. Probabilistic chips – again same
  3. Nanoradio – interesting
  4. Wireless Power – hmmm
  5. Atomic Magnetometers- bla bla
  6. Offline Web Apps- everyone knows about that
  7. Connectomics- connect-atomics …whatever
  8. Reality mining – mining?? huh
  9. Cellulolytic enzymes- must be related to biotechnology . Continue Reading →

Western Digital has introduced its compact high capacity portable USB drives for the Indian market. The newly released USB HDD’s comes in a stylish glossy black finish with capacities ranging from 120 GB to 320 GB. The USB drives are bus powered which means they will use the internal USB for its power and doesn’t requires additional adapter. Weighing less than 5 ounces they will fit into your pocket smoothly and will be great companion for your data needs. Continue Reading →

Finally Microsoft officially confirmed that they will be releasing the Windows 7 operating system in 2010. Its already been a while since Windows 7 news has been floating on the internet without any confirmation from Microsoft’s side. So now when Microsoft has confirmed the availability of Windows 7 in 2010 you can look forward somewhere around 2010 for its release date. Continue Reading →

MIT researchers are working on a new development which if goes successful can restore partial sight of people who have partially intact optic nerves. The Bio-electronic device which is of the size of pencil eraser would be implanted behind the retina at the back of the eyeball, and images would be transmitted to the brain via a connector of the width of a human hair.

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Yesterday HP showcased its Latex Ink based Inkjet printing technology which can print thousands of pages per minute with a special Latex ink that can retain its shine even when exposed to extreme environments. HP’s water based Latex Ink is a specially formulated ink which can embed itself in the surface of paper and forms a part of it thereby giving long lasting quality. Continue Reading →

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