Kingston’s USB Drive With Built-In Micro SD Card Reader

15 February 2008 By Shashank

Kingston has revealed its Data Traveler USB drive which looks just like any ordinary flash drive but it has got the Micro SD card reader which is hidden inside a small opening on the top of the USB drive. So now you have an pretty useful extra option of MicroSD reader in your USB storage device which you can utilize for storing music, pictures, video and other data.

Well this might find very useful to some, as far as the pricing of Kingston USB drives are concerned these flash drives comes in flavors of 1GB, 2GB and 4GB and will set you back $19.25, $28.25 or $42.00 respectively.

Now if i compare these with the normal USB flash based storage devices then here are the fresh price update(dated Feb 10 India):

Kingston 2 GB Pendrive : Price Rupees 600/-(approx. 15 USD)

Kingston 4 GB Pendrive : Price Rupees 800/-(approx. 20 USD)

Prices USB drives are dirt cheap as of now and guess what there is still more chance of prices dropping even further in the coming days.

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Doesnt look like a bad investment.

Shashank says:

Yea not at all i am also thinking of buying 4GB normal Kingston pen drive…doesn’t need that reader though

vaibhav says:

Looks great, Kingston’s got quality, and now they have a new unique feature as well.. cool. 😉

Bush Mackel says:

More times than I can count I find myself in situations where I wish I had my SD/MicroSD card reader on me. Now I could just get one of these, but them on my keychain and kill two birds with one stone. Great find!

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