IBM Presents PowerUp Free Educational Online Multiplayer Game

17 February 2008 By Shashank

To increase awareness about environmental issues IBM has launched a free massive multiplayer virtual online game PowerUp which is triggered towards the kids and teens and will challenge them to save the planet Helios by solving the problems associated with conservation of Solar,Wind and Hydropower before the environmental crisis destroy the planet.

IBM officials said that they took 16 months to completely develop the game with advice from the 200 teens from the Connecticut Innovattin Acedamy.

IBM international foundation president Stanley S. Litow said, “Innovation is the key to competitiveness in today’s globally integrated economy, but just when we need it to skyrocket, interest in math and science has been declining in the United States. American competitiveness demands more interest in math and science by students. Virtual worlds and 3D are an unexplored resource in education. We asked our best researchers to incorporate the use of this technology into traditional educational curriculum.”

PowerUp features three missions for Solar,Water and wind power that must be solved by the players or groups to save the fictitious planet Helios .

More information at PowerUp website

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richard blackbridge says:

Another “Virtual Worlds in the Classroom” story of interest running at hundreds of schools across the from right now. Thousands of students are participating nationwide.

Coverage it in The Denver Post.

In the “Virtual Team Challenge for High Schools” Business Simulation, students design avatars and collaborate in teams inside the Virtual World to apply business skills, learn, and “win”.

This program is underwritten by Deloitte — to educate students about business, and attract talent to the accounting profession. It’s a growing trend — top companies that recognize the productive value of attracting, retaining and engaging talent are using videogames and “Sims”.

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