Free iPhone Apps: iAno Virtual Piano for iPhone and iPod Touch

19 February 2008 By Shashank

We have already seen an innovative PocketGuitar( Guitar simulator) for iPhone and iPod Touch now another iPhone developer Mister Aardvark has revealed iAno a multi touch piano simulator for iPhone and iPod Touch. This is a complete simulator with four octave keyboard with decent sound and comes with Multi-touch functionality .


Full feature list:

  • A complete four octave keyboard.Multi-touch.
  • Up to 5 keys can be pressed at once allowing complex chords.
  • Sounds like a real piano with realistic piano multi-samples.
  • Animated piano keys react to your touch.
  • Play along to all your MP3s.
  • On-screen keyboard navigation allows you to easily move up and down by octaves or “part octaves” (ie. left-most key is a C or an F).

Youtube video of virtual piano:

YouTube Preview Image

More details about installation can be found at

Mister Aardvark

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Mohamed says:


bud says:

Dead link :^(

Ramesh says:

PocketGuitar is nice , much useful application but there i have come across much better option for creating music like with MiniPiano and Bassist and some thin more n all for iPhone and iPod Touch but it requires iTunes . Regarding the piano, you can turn to such application called MiniPiano. Many virtual instruments are available for iPhone and iPod Touch, including some virtual pianos. Unlike many of its competitors, Mini Piano is completely free. However, these tools can be very effective as a notepad: have at its disposal a drum machine, mini programmable synthesizer or a 4 tape tracks in your pocket might render valuable services and avoid missing the melody or beat that we can imagine. for more see here

Dan says:

Man stuff is changing fast. I’m a song writer and I just came across this app this morning. I know this is an older post, but thanks none the less for writing about iAno. I’m going to check it out I think it’ll be very useful for me in my writing.

James says:

This is a really nice looking app. To all those who think the iPad isn’t worth it.. or is just a glorified iPhone they just don’t have the use for it… It’s not a Computer it’s in between a computer and an iTouch/Phone a really nice app.

majo19992 says:


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