Have a first look at the Capcom’s Street Fighter Four characters E. Honda, Blanka, Abel, Zangief, Ryu, Ken, C-viper, Dhalsim and many more. This trailer has already been making rounds on the net after it was first revealed at the AOU arcade tradeshow in Tokyo, Japan. The trailer is terrific, the action sequences are great and sound effects mind blowing. Watch the trailer below :
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Sony has introduced two new Cyber-Shot digital cameras DSC-W300 and DSC-H50. Both of the cameras features Carl Zeiss Optics, Face detection technology, smile shutter and intelligent scene recognition engine. Featurewise Sony Cyber-Shot DSC W300 sports a cool 13.6 megapixel sensor and promises an extra high speed burst mode shooting 3 megapixels photos at 5 fps( frames per second). Continue Reading →

Nokia in its joint research with Cambridge University has unveiled Morph Concept mobile phone device which uses nanotechnology and shows how future mobile phones could be flexible and stretchable. The concept demonstrates some of the never before functions that nanotechnology can deliver, such as flexibility, transparent electronics, and surfaces that clean themselves. Continue Reading →

Researchers of Melbourne University has come up with a wireless technology which promises high speed short range data transfers with speeds of upto 5 Gbps within a radius of 10 meters. The new wireless technology is named GiFi operates on the 60GHz frequency band, which is currently mostly unused. The GiFi Chip developed by the Australian researchers measures 5mm square and is manufactured using existing complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) technology, the same system that is currently used to print silicon chips. Continue Reading →

Researchers have developed an advanced algorithm which is capable of processing 30 images per second to recognize a persons facial expressions and categorizes them in any of the six prototypes facial expressions like anger, fear, disgust, happiness, sadness and surprise. Though the software is still in the prototype phase but it can still be used on a desktop computer or laptop, the software is also capable of recognizing facial expressions in video sequences in realistic situations. Continue Reading →

Microsoft has now increased free online storage space in SkyDrive which now extends upto 5 GB, now users will be able store massive files online with the ability to create password protected folders and sharing features which lets you share your files with your friends. Continue Reading →

NVIDIA has revealed its all new GeForce 9600GT which will definitely blow you up if you have recently purchased 8800GT because the price of the new GeForce 9 Series graphics card is well under 200$. This time NVIDIA has revealed its mid range card first to gauge the market reaction and will definitely follow up with more deadlier graphic cards later on. Continue Reading →

We have already seen an innovative PocketGuitar( Guitar simulator) for iPhone and iPod Touch now another iPhone developer Mister Aardvark has revealed iAno a multi touch piano simulator for iPhone and iPod Touch. This is a complete simulator with four octave keyboard with decent sound and comes with Multi-touch functionality . Continue Reading →

If the sources are to be believed Intel has decided to rename its brand name of upcoming Montevina platform to Centrino 2 for the notebook market. This move from Intel would help in clearing up the confusion for customers about which Intel brand to go for.

Intel is set to launch the Centrino 2 platform in Computex Taipei 2008 along with six 45nm notebook CPUs, all with a 1066MHz FSB. Core speeds will range between 2.26-3.06GHz and prices between US$209-851 in 1000-unit tray quantities. Continue Reading →

Last week Nokia broke the silence after a long wait and announced upcoming new Nokia mobiles with features that you have always wished for. The Upcoming new converged devices from Nokia are going to rewrite the way the mobiles are being seen today, they sports features for mobile entertainment, productivity for business users, GPS navigations sytems inbuilt and lots of memory. The prime releases last week were:

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