Skyfire: Free Mobile Web Browser For Windows Mobile 5 And 6

30 January 2008 By Shashank


A new startup company Skyfire based in Mountain View, California has just joined the league of free mobile web browsers with its opening of the private beta of Skyfire which is currently available for a limited number of public users. The idea behind Skyfire’s web browser is to provide full feature and functionality of the desktop browsers in mobiles which includes Flash video, Quicktime, Javascript, Ajax and more. The first version of the Skyfire’s free mobile browser would be made available for Windows mobile 5 and 6 platform and there are future plans to release the browser for symbian mobile too.

Its also been said that the new mobile browser will provide the users with the Apple’s iPhone type of browser fully loaded with features.”The iPhone has pretty much settled the debate. People want a rich, full Web experience,” Skyfire’s CEO Nitin Bhandari said. “There’s a lot of consciousness that that’s the bottom now, and everything now has to be there or above it.”

The functionality of the Skyfire’s mobile browser can be seen from the Youtube video present below:

YouTube Preview Image

Skyfire might also develop versions for Android and for the iPhone once Apple’s SDK becomes available. Currently you can sign up as a beta tester(limited no.) at Skyfire’s website.

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raaj parmaar says:

sounds like a revolution in web browsing thru mobiles.when is it coming to india?

anand1 says:

Everything in free is always appreciated.

Solomon Dayrit says:

I just downloaded a copy of my Skyfire a week ago and I am truly amaze at its speed and capabilities. Ebay pages loads almost instantly and my phone don’t even have that much memory capacity. The multimedia features are great! I can easily stream music and videos such as YouTube and Veoh and other. The UI is wonderful and easy to master. I never receive any OOM messages like Opera beta 9.5. Skyfire by the way is way faster than the Opera. The web pages loads exactly as on my desktop. The only thing that I am sad about is that it couldn’t download. I have not yet figure out why or maybe I still have to figure out how. My citizens bank web site would not recognize the browser but that’s fine right now cause I can always use the desktop for that. Overall I love this browser and I can’t wait for it to come out in a full commercial version cause I would not mind paying for it. Thank you very much Skyfire.

antoca says:

i like it its good

vasuroshan says:

yes its really amaging…..
I feel that iam surfing on a broadband internet ……
genuinely saying that it is good

sauhai says:

I feel it very exciting so want to get it now

Zhao says:

I just want to know how could I get it downloaded , and does it really works as it was promised

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