Researchers Create Bionic Contact Lenses With Imprinted Circuitry

19 January 2008 By Shashank

Bionic contact lens

For the first time Scientists have developed Bionic Contact lenses with imprinted electronic circuits which could be used to zoom in on distant objects and display useful information and other things right infront of the eye. Remember the Terminator and Bionic women yeah just like that. Engineers at the Washington University for the first time have been able to use microscopic manufacturing techniques to produce biologically safe contact lens with imprinted electronic circuits and lights.

“Looking through a completed lens, you would see what the display is generating superimposed on the world outside,” said Babak Parviz, a UW assistant professor of electrical engineering. “This is a very small step toward that goal, but I think it’s extremely promising.”

A prototype lens was constructed that contains an electronic circuit as well as red LED lights for a display. The catch with the prototype is that the LEDs don’t light up. The researchers put the contact lens into the eyes of rabbits in animal testing for periods of up to 20 minutes without any side effects for the animals.

A full-fledged display won’t be available for a while, but a version that has a basic display with just a few pixels could be operational “fairly quickly,” according to Parviz.

The research was funded by the National Science Foundation and a Technology Gap Innovation Fund from the University of Washington.

Until it gets developed feel free to imagine that one day aa eye with Superhuman kinda vision will be available for the mighty.

via Sciencedaily

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mandy says:

I think that it could be a good invention if you could see when you put it in your eye.

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