OpenID Gets Yahoo Support For Single Sign-on

18 January 2008 By Shashank

Yahoo openid

Finally around 250 million active yahoo users will be able to use the OpenID technology which will let you use your yahoo account username and password in thousands of websites that support OpenID access. OpenID 2.0 digital identity framework identifies the different problems users face related to logins,data portability, it reduces the amount of different log-in information people need to create, remember and enter online. as the no. of websites growing rapidly remembering the password for each and every website is headache in itself.

There are already more than 10,000 websites supporting OpenID access according to the OpenId Foundation.Yahoo move will help the users log in to websites with their yahoo account, to use yahoo account to be used on OpenID enabled website you will need to verify that you are yahoo user with your details being sent to yahoo to verify your Yahoo! ID and password and then signed in to the web site. Its that easy. Its similar in a way we use Flickr nowadays.

Yahoo OpenID Service will be available in public beta on 30 Jan 2008

Yahoo OpenID website

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Nirmal says:

This is definitely good news for all yahoo users.

Veerasundar says:

Its really a great boost up for the OpenId. Big players like Worpdress, Technorati has already jumped in, now its Yahoo turn. I am waitin for google to join this party.

Eva White says:

Sounds good to me. I grew up using yahoo and am to attached to that id even today.

sabrina says:

😛 very good for me

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