Honda Develops 3D Processors For Its Asimo Humanoid Robot

31 January 2008 By Shashank


Honda researchers have successfully created a working 3D processing chip by stacking of three different chips together consisting of a processing core ,a signal converter and a chunk of memory. 3D chips which can be considered as the future of computing bacause these processors consume only one-third of power and at the same time are twice as fast as the normal processors(2D). The breakthrough development by Honda researchers is expected to power its famous Asimo humanoid robot.

Also the latest research from Honda has solved the problem of connecting chips(stacking) by using a set of spikes on the bottom chip that pierces all three parts and connects them electrically. Its similar to IBM vertical stacking technology.

And do not just start dreaming about the 3D processor powered personal computers yet; as there is no word on releasing a commercial 3D chip by Honda.

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