Ever Heard Of A Microphone With 4X Zoom

25 January 2008 By Shashank


Panasonic has revealed its new compact dictaphones RR-US950-K and RR-US750-S which comes with 1 GB or 2GB storage capacities. so whats special in these Panasonic microphones, just like every other microphone on the planet they use AAA battery, a USB interface, record in Mp3 format but what sets these apart is a additional feature of a audio 4x zoom capability…you never heard 4X zoom in microphones.. but i guess if you are Sci-Fi-Tech movie addict like me then you must have definitely seen the usage of such devices in most Sci-Fi movies.

It comes with dual microphones one with conventional recording and the other which force the Mic to only focus in one direction(target) eliminating the surrounding noise thereby recording voices over large distances.

No info about pricing is available yet.

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Bush Mackel says:

A directional mic!? AWESOME! I thought I’d be only be able to use one in Metal Gear Solid! (#):D

They look cool but i guess will be expensive.

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