Best Torrent(P2P) Search Software “Torrent Harvestor”

17 January 2008 By Shashank

If you have trouble finding out the torrents based on your interest and wish you could search all the torrent sites out there at one place then you are lucky as this torrent software is one brilliant indexer of almost all of the major torrent sites and is pretty fast at doing so. If you are jealous of your geeky friend getting things that you have only dreamt of then this software can help you big time(Hint :).


Torrent Harvestor is completely free to download however its support website has been closed a long time ago. Torrent Harvestor loads the different torrent engines which are required to search a particular phrase and gives all the result in a single pane. The interface is simple to use even for the noobs.

I get to know about this software a long time ago but this is only now that i have decided to post about it(social work) so that people can use the power of P2P file sharing. At that time i was also able to update my Torrent Harvestor software via its internal updator but now as its support website has been closed probably by some anti-piracy organizations there is no way to update however the present release is already a great one.

Now here are the feature of the best torrent(P2P) search software :

  • Easily searches a large no. of torrent sites with a single click
  • Returns all results in a single list
  • Download directly from the list, or visit the website source page for complete details
  • Complete filtering and sorting of results according to your taste
  • Automatically allows searching and downloading on sites which require user registration, using your system’s cookies
  • Completely user-definable engines, allowing for creation of search engines for a multitude of different sites: Torrents, IRC, ED2k, Cracks, Keygens, Direct Downloads, etc
  • Get updates of engines directly from within Torrent Harvester
  • Users can create their own engines for favourite sites using the in-built Engine Designer

Here is the screenshot of the software Torrent Harvestor:

You can download Torrent Harvestor Version 0.7b from Softpedia(no adware,spyware)

Use the above information at your own risk Techlivez accepts no responsibilities whatsoever.

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