Asus To Develop 9 Inch Touch Screen Eee PC

18 January 2008 By Shashank


The famous Eee Laptops from Asus is in the news again, this time Asus is bidding touch screen manufacturers to supply touch screen interface to the Eee PC’s. The next generation of the Asus Eee laptops will see touch screen interface which are expected to release later this year. It is being said that on volume production it would only add $15 to the present cost of Eee PC’s.

This second generation Eee UMPC from Asus will come in three screen sizes, 8, 9 and 10 inches, but its only the 9 inch ones getting the touch screens.

Via Jkkmobile

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Mark says:

ASUS vice president Kevin Lin, has disclosed that the new ASUS Eee PC notebook will include a touchscreen and possibly GPS support. Kevin Lin has suggested a RRP of around £250 for the Eee PC when it becomes available in May or June.

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