All In One Flashlight With Digital Video Recorder

21 January 2008 By Shashank


This Flashlight with DVR sounds interesting to me this DIY security gadget is packed with great features like video recording, taking photos, mini SD card slot for expanding storage, comes with 3 different levels of brightness which you can adjust depending upon the environment.

  • Support up to 2GB external flash storage
  • Heavy duty, real working flashlight
  • Records video & takes photos day or night
  • 3 Levels of flashlight brightness
  • 128MB Built-in memory
  • USB interface

The device can be used for spying purposes and playing hide and seek(recommended at night) capturing those funny moments. The Slashlight comes with a price tag of $399 though not everyone can afford that but you can definitely expect to see this gadget in future Sci-Fi movies like Resident evil , I am legend and other similar type of movies.

Oh! i just forget to tell you that the device is developed by Swann DIY securities.

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Nirmal says:

What is the resolution of the camera? At $399 it should have a good camera. 🙂

Brown Baron says:

That’s an interesting mix. If the camera was a 5 megapixel one, the price tag would be justifiable haha

Shashank says:

The gadget has Color CMOS Sensor with VGA resolution 640 x 480 😕

quite innovative but priced somewhat higher…can do well with innovative pricing strategy…

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