Mxlogic’s Anti-Spam and Email Archiving Services For Businesses

29 December 2007 By Shashank

Business whether online or offline are heavily dependent on its precious data and records which are in constant danger because of evils like threat,viruses,spams increasing day by day.Now companies like MX Logic which is a security service provider with expertise in email Anti-spam and fully managed web security services has come to rescue the businesses with enterprise-grade service and performance, without enterprise-level complexity and cost.

Currently MX Logic is providing the following services:

MxLogic email defense program:

For Businesses which require complete protection against wide range of email threats using a combination of proven spam filters, leading anti-virus engines, fraud protection, content filtering, and email attack protection.

MxLogic email archiving :

MX Logic Message Archiving is an easy and effective solution for businesses that are required to monitor, store and retrieve company email messages in order to comply with electronic security regulations.

Disaster recovery service:

Mx Logic also provides services pertaining to information loss and various problems associated with hardware disaster which can be fatal for the businesses.

Web defense service:

Effective blocking of the Web threats, including spyware, viruses and phishing attacks, while enabling greater control over unauthorized Web surfing by employees which will provide you an edge on control over your employees.

Mx Logic Threat Center also provides useful information about their anti-spam service and details about the current top ten viruses/worms, Top ten spam countries and top blocked categories.

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