This Phone Car Has Ringing Horn

25 November 2007 By Shashank


So guys let me introduce you to the Phone car, the car which looks like a phone and horn has a sound of a telephone. The receiver is removable too, hope that makes call too 😛 but if it does then get ready to arrange yourself in some position to hold that massive receiver :mrgreen:

The Phone Car Created by business owner, Howard Davis, as a way to promote his business telephone company. It was featured in various magazines including Motor Trend and Weekly World News, and was also in the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles for its exhibit on art cars. The Phone Car is built on a 1975 Volkswagen Beetle frame and has a tinted glass windshield which allows the driver to see clearly out of it.

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Qurat says:

Thinking to have one and make a call as well, lolz! Good sharing BTW!

Syahid Ali says:

This will be even funnier if there are only one wheel in front of the car.

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