Kinetic Cellphone Batteries Under Development

24 November 2007 By Shashank

US based M2E power is working on a self charging generator/battery technology that utilizes the kinetic energies of the movement and transform it into usable electric power that could power a cell phone easily. They have already developed a rechargeable battery that works on kinetic energy alone and can be charged by the movement of the user like walking,driving.

The material needed to develop these batteries is already available with a little more price than the lithium ion batteries but is justified as the new batteries could increase the battery life upto 3-7 times compared to the normal mobile batteries. These batteries also use 30-40% less heavy materials in comparison with the conventional batteries.

M2E(Motion To Energy) is currently being developed to provide U.S. soldiers on the battlefield with continuously self-recharging power for mission-critical electronics. Future applications will include everything from cell phones to large-scale wind and ocean wave power generators.

And don’t be surprised if you see someone moving their hands to recharge their phone batteries.

M2E Website 

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