Irresistible Anti Gravity Floating Globe

18 November 2007 By Shashank


This one is really a coolest “anti gravity design” i have ever seen, it has got the looks that will make you think about it. This is a perfect combination of microprocessors, sensors, embedded electronics and calibration that helps the globe remain suspended in the air mesmerizing its viewers.

The anti gravity globe has got a magnet inside which when once carefully placed in the centre of heavy electromagnetic base floats a few inches above the base beautifully capturing attention that is hard to resist.

The price of anti gravity globe is 79.99$

Via coolest-gadgets

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I’ve seen this and I’m going to be buying one for Christmas! It really is cool! Thanks

Shashank says:

Cool.. It will decorate your home for sure 🙂

RAMYA says:

It is really superb ……can u please update my mail with Ur new innovative product details often….and can u please give me a detailed information about the components used and the coding of microprocessor anti gravity design……..?so that it will be helpful for my project..


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