Truly Irresistible Technology: Sony Unveils Slimmest TV on Planet

1 October 2007 By Shashank

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Sony has revealed new XWL-1 TV which uses the latest Organic EL display technology and is the slimmest TV on planet earth, see the picture it’s just as thin as the thinness of coin super slim i would say.The new Tv is just 3mm thin and an 11 inch QHD screen which boasts of contrast ratio of 1000K:1 with vivid colours.This TV also has support for High Definition video , comes with a HDMI input port and QHD resolution display.

This display technology will really benefit the cellphone,smartphone industry as there is a huge demand of slim display units in mobiles and other portable market.

Sony’s XWL-1 TV will be available in Japan this december for around 1220€ (approx 1734$).Wide availability of the TV is unknown at this point of time.

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