Technology Makes It Possible: 250 Mbps Internet Over Existing Copper Wires

29 October 2007 By Shashank

A Melbourne PhD Student named John Papandriopoulos has developed a breakthrough technology that will enable us to surf the internet at blazing fast speeds upto 250 Mbps through our existing telephone/broadband copper wires and that too without investing in optic fibres and other expensive hardware. The new technology is totally software based that your ISP needs to install at their exchange/control room and nothing needs to be done at your side.

How this technology works:

The technology which is completely software based uses the mathematical modelling to remove the interference which slows down the downloading speeds and thus breaking the barrier of data that can be transfered without much disturbance and coping with our need for speed.

John Papandriopoulos took a year to complete this wonderful research and this development has also won him a Chancellor’s Prize for Excellence in the PhD.

This is indeed a good news for the Indian broadband industry as this could really transform the Indian broadband scenario but then it takes time from development and becoming available to general public. John has filed patent applications in US and Australia for this technology and it is said to take 3-4 years before it becomes widely available.

Now think of present Indian broadband speeds..Pathetic

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UdiT says:

Waiting 4 this connection availability in India….. 😆
my Airtel 128kbps connection sucks……. 😥

UdiT says:

If available then 250Mbps connection in India would cost$$$$$$$$$…..
Its a goood think to do with Indian Internet connection. Actually here in India internet connection is five times the cost that is available in US or UK. Here people aren’t able to even get 128KBPS unlimited connection as it’s priced at Rs.699/- PM where as in US 2MBPS unlimited connection is available for $25 i.e. Rs.1100/- PM & moreover Indian ISP’s don’t know that doubling the internet connection speed won’t just double Cost. In the same way i think 8MBPS unlimited internet connection (newly launched) here in India would cost 32000/-($760)PM then who will be able to get this connection, it would be costing a months salary!!!
So don’t ever think about this 250MBPS connection here in INDIA. 😥

Vinod says:

Awesome piece. Brilliance!

I am using 2 Mbps 🙄
Waiting for such powerfull technology.

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