Nissan Pivo 2 With Robot Assistant- Youtube Video

9 October 2007 By Shashank


Nissan has developed this strange looking concept car named as Pivo 2 which sports a  cool 360 degree turning cabin along with 90 degree turnable wheels so that you can easily  guide your car out of parking. Pivo 2 is an advanced electric 3 seater concept that employs “by-bire” technologies for braking and steering.The top cabin has swivel cabin system and comes with a robot assistant to help you in navigation.The cool youtube video after the jump will explain more :

YouTube Preview Image

It even has innovative round eyed robot that will guess when the driver is feeling sleepy and will shake its  head or  talk to  the driver for eg “You look tired. There’s a coffee shop 500 metres ahead on the left,”. The new Pivo 2 will be ready for exhibition at Tokyo motor show from Oct 27.

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