Next-Gen Microsoft Zune Players Goes Wi-Fi

3 October 2007 By Shashank

zune-2 nextgen

Microsoft has announced its latest range of Wi-Fi enabled Flash based Zune players. The new Zune PMP(Portable media player) lineup includes $150 4GB and $200 8GB flash-based players, and a $250 80GB model .The 80 GB model is quite slimmer than the original zune and is wrapped in a sleek black body incorporating 3.2 inch display screen and comes bundled with the premium music headphones.

All the new models features rounded touch sensitive controls and wireless syncing with your computer. Now you can easily sync your music files via your home network without the need of ugly wires. The new Zune music players will be soon available in the market and looks promising enough to hit Apple’s iPod.

Via PCworld

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Nirmal says:

This was expected with the release of new gen ipod, lets see how much Microsoft can beat apple. 🙂

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