Memlite USB Lighter Drives For Smoker Geeks

2 October 2007 By Shashank

memliteusb drives

Do you feel uncomfortable while carrier a cigaratte lighter then this USB cum Lighter is for you. This Memlite is a USB drive with lighter or take it as a lighter with a USB storage device.Now you can enjoy an inbuilt lighter which will help you light cigarettes and you have an excuse ready whenever your mom caught you up with a lighter.

The gadget designers have incorporated a great feature in the USB drives and you will surely love to flaunt Memlite among your friends also now you will never forget your USB drive at home 😛

You can order your own USB/Lighter directly via Memlite website . The Memlite USB drives are available in 6 colours and in denominations of 512 MB, 1 GB, 2 GB, 4 GB starting $25(approx.) to $75(approx.) for 4 GB.

Found via Ohgizmo

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Gadgets says:

Wow …
Never thought someone would create something like that. But, come to think of it , might come in handy to have it around if you’re a smoker and into technology.

Nirmal says:

Although I do not smoke, I liked these gadgets, they look great! 🙂

raiza tagyong says:

i am amazed to read this artilce
😥 😆

Shashank says:

Yea right said.
Don’t worry i wont tell you to start smoking to use that gadget 😀
Its definitely a nice product

krizane says:

how nice …

Venkatesh says:

😛 what a invention.very user friendly and light weight.IS that possible to act as lighter and drive simultaneously????????????If so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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