Hitachi New Magnetoresistive Technology Would Produce HDD’s Upto 4TB

16 October 2007 By Shashank


Hitachi has claimed a breakthrough in Hard disk drive technology that would result in HDD’s for storage space upto whooping 4 Terabytes for desktops and 1 Terabytes for laptops. The breakthrough is based on new invention in nanotechnology that would shrink the size of the read/write heads to only 30-50nm in size.

The new heads are based on magnetoresistive techonology known as CPP-GMR (current perpendicular-to-the-plane giant magnetoresistive). The whole idea lies behind in increasing the hard disk recording densities by using smaller and smaller heads which will in turn provide huge increase in densities upto 500 gigabytes per square inch which is approximately four times the present generation of hard drives.

There is a great competition going on in this storage technology segment we have already seen a couple of storage technologies already which you can find below.

Fujitsu’s new Nanohole technology 1TB/inch
Mempile Teradisk using 3D optical recording technology

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indyank says:

4 TB and 1 TB….huge? now if i have a RAM & processor with comparable capacity for my laptop… will be real cool….

UdiT says:

Hey….Shashank it would be 4TB instead of 4GB 😆
Hope u rectify it……ok

Shashank says:

Thanks for notifying ..that was a typo 😛

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