Fujitsu Develops Advanced E-Paper Display Technology

14 October 2007 By Shashank


In a recent development by Fujutsu, a new e-paper technology has been showcased at CREATEC in Japan. The company has this time unveiled “e-reader” which is extremely portable and is of the size of A5 size paper. The epaper is light weight, high contrast can easily read in its 4096 color display.The best part is that the e-paper has a whooping battery life of 50 hours which is freakin awesome.

The great battery life has been made possible because of its ability to hold an image once it is displayed without drawing any power further as long as you are reading the same page. Thus this epaper will give you the best experience of digital world as it can also hold around 5000 ebooks in its 4 GB SD card.

The new e-paper is named as Flepia and is available in two sizes A4 and A5 format weighs 320 or 480 grams respectively and are just 12mm thick. The new e-paper can be updated over wireless LAN and also comes with inbuilt USB 2.0 support.

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Herbert says:

Ah, the promise of e-paper products really appeals to me as I think it’ll be the next big thing: it’s great for the environment (er, it seems great, as it’ll reduce the number of trees being cut) and it’s a lot more flexible and portable than lugging a huge book around. Plus, 5000 pages? Wow.

I’ve grown to enjoy Techlivez and was wondering if you’d be interested in a link exchange.

indyank says:

battery life of 50 hours 🙂

Holy crap! That’s sweet! I want one of these! Good stuff…

harsh says:

its really nice

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