Finally Purchased Nokia E61i Smartphone- Review

17 October 2007 By Shashank

nokia e61i

I have finally purchased the all in one wonder Nokia E61i three days back and its only now that i have freed myself to write this post. Actually its not just a mobile phone its a small PC in your pocket. The best Nokia phone i have ever seen in terms of features and pricing.

What made me zeroed upon Nokia E61i ?

I was looking for a mobile phone which should have all the basic features plus some smartphone features which would help me in increasing my productivity atleast a little but 😉 . So i started hunting down for mobile phones 10 days back. First i was not sure that i wanted to buy a smartphone as they are too costly for me to afford so i have three phones in mind :

Sony Ericsson K550i Price Rs 8,500/-
Nokia xpress 5700 Price Rs 12,000/-
Nokia N73 ME Price Rs 15,200/-

The idea of purchasing Nokia prism 7500 at Rs 9,500/- also ran across my mind but really i don’t like prism design the only thing i like about prism 7500 is their TV commercial with a beautiful model..really that model is too sexy…I strongly feels that Nokia people should give the models name in their commercials so that we can google search the models for more pics 😛 just kiddin..

Now 5 days back i really have no idea what E61i is, while surfing the August Digit magazine which has 39 cellphone tested i came across E61 and E62 again these phones are brilliant but camera is missing then i searched google for E61 and get across E61i and whooaa all the irregularities from the E61 is removed in E61i and they have added a two megapixel camera also, then my next move was to hunt for it reviews and video reviews at youtube .

So for two days straight i read over 100 Editors and user reviews about E61i and found 99% of them to be positive Plus i watched 20+ youtube videos from Unboxing to GPS and Camera reviews…

And 3 days back i have purchased E61i(Rs 16,750/-) and i am more than happy and completely satisfied by my purchase The only problem i faced was its Wi-Fi not configuring using ad-hoc mode then Vinod helped me out and voila surfing web on E61i is really an awesome experience.

Summerizing :

Pros :

  • Slim
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB, Infrared
  • QWERTY keypad, You can easily manage 25 words/min
  • 2.8 inch 16 Million colours screen
  • 2 MP camera
  • Cam quality(in night also) is excellent for uploading to youtube
  • Complete Office in your hand(Word,Excel,Powerpoint)
  • It has Flash player but never used it till now
  • Symbian OS 9.1 S60 3rd Edition User interface
  • A fast Adobe PDF reader
  • Mp3 and Video player
  • Huge battery life 9-10 hours talktime
  • Using Google Maps and satellite view is again great experience
  • Multitasking: i ve tried wifi, internet, word, sending attachment, video player, camera open at the same time.. now you must have understood why i am so happy about it.

Update: You can also play Street Fighter on E61i you will love it

Cons :

  • Camera quality is not that good in night
  • Width is more because of QWERTY Keypad
  • Music quality is not of Audiophiles grade

These are the only things i tested till now..will update this post if necessary.

Conclusion :

Superb Smartphone for wanna be PC in Pocket users.

Update: Nokia E61i won the Wired Editor’s Pick Award , Nokia E61i beat out a number of other Smartphone competitors including Palm Treo 755P, BlackBerry 8830, Motorola Q9 etc.

Update for music lovers : If you really want to listen music and that too with all bells and whistles then i recommend all E61i owners to get a 3.5 mm converter for E61i, which will let you plug in your favorite earnphones, headphones into E61i.

If you are confused then purchase this Nokia Audio adapter AD-46, you can also go for local converters which are available at Rs 50-60 and pair it with creative EP 630 earphones available at around Rs 675 and get ready for some amazing music experience.

and don’t forget to post your experiences in comments.

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ram says:

congrats for your new phone, now where is the commercial video, i want to see that girl :mrgreen:

Nirmal says:

Wow! Congrats on the purchase, Even I’m planning to shift to a smart phone and I have SE P1i in mind, this really looks good and great review also. You have done extensive study before purchasing and that good. BTW which connection are you using and how are you surfing the internet? Is it through network connection or external one?

indyank says:

hey congrats…i bought Nokia N73 three days back for Rs.16050 /- 😥

Where do you get it at Rs.15200 /- ? Have I been cheated?

Yes it looks like…i could have bought your phone for that price…but I primarily bought N73 for its 3.2 megapixels camera…

but I am 😥 ing now for having bought it at Rs.16050…

Nirmal says:

Dont worry the prices differ in different places and locations, if you have a genuine N73, you dont have to worry about the price.

Shashank says:

Here is the link of Prism 7500 video
Though the quality is not good in youtube..

SE P1i is not a real qwerty ..if you can manage fast typing in that then go for it.. all other features are superb.

I am using a my friend BSNL temporarily ..i am waiting for the activation of GPRS on BSNL.. for now i am surfing web via Wi-Fi adhoc connection .
The best thing is i can click pics and videos and send directly to mailbox instantly by email attachments

Actually there are three version of N73 available now:
Normal N73
N73 Music edition (Rs 15,200)
N73 Music edition with bluetooth stereo headset(a2dp):(Rs 16K)

If you have purchased the last one then its ok.

UdiT says:

Hey….Congrates for ur purchase of Nokia E61i 😆
Its a great phone with awesome features.
Surely going to purchase SmartPhone the next time i buy mobile 😉

Nirmal says:

I think you may be mentioning abt the smaller keys on P1i? Once we gets used to it, I dont there is any problem. 🙂

Varun says:

Nokia E61i is a great phone .. I have reviewed it here..

Congrats on your new phone. Even I’m in thoughts of buying a smartphone with my earnings. Let’s see how it goes :mrgreen:

Shashank says:

Sure buddy..


I am talking about the qwerty typing keypad of P1i which is not good IMO for good typing speeds.

Thats Great and good luck with savings 😀

Shashank says:

Nice review there 🙂

Bharani says:

Can you just mail across your GPRS settings for BSNL dude ?
I am almost half dead researching with BSNL. They never believed that nokia had such an model 🙁

Beu says:

Got one too…. It’s the best! Nokia E61i rules!!!

Shashank says:

First send “Nokia e61i” to 58355 without quotes and you will get specific settings for your e61i save them.

second step send gprspre to 53733 remember typing in small case letters and you will receive configuration settings save them and enjoy ..everything is instant no waiting…

I called them 3 times and wait half an hour everytime to get these correct no.s and i think bsnl changes these no.s frequently and if the above nos don’t work then just use their dumb helpline maybe you will get lucky this time.

Congrats Beu its really a best phone from Nokia ever made.

Tati says:

Many,many thanks. I am in the same situation that you were in, basically researching into the e61i before making the purchase.

There are so very many choices under this form-factor (BB 8320, Moto Q9, SE P1 and so on, not to mention a close alternative, Tytn II, Nokia e90).

Currently I am using the BB Pearl, great mobile, but getting tired of its small screen…

Your article really helped, thanks

Bhoon says:

Can anyone tell me the GPRS setting for E61i for Vodafone T.N. Their helpline is not helpful (Xmas holidays, I suppose). If I SMS VL to 52586 I get no response ever 🙁

Pankaj says:

Hey BHOON i am also facing the sam problem please inform if you get the information

Ashish says:

Hi I have bought one too. Problem with the wifi. can you share the solution to it. Also i cannot view my attachments that i get with the mail on gmail account. Let me know the solution.

Girish says:

😆 😆 😆
I too have purchased E61i after lots of research on net. It has supperb functionality and its a real smart companian of a ‘Always on Move’ biz person.
I just wish, Nokia would have included some real Multimedia in this phone, it would have been the Best Phone.
The existing MM features of this phone are just mediocre. Hope that Nokia will give it a thought…

Vincy~Spider says:

Hi Guys,

I use a N e61i. + I got a BSNL wifi BB setup. thought the phone recognizes and it connects to the wifi, there is an error msg – “No reply from Gateway”

I have accessed a BSNL BB earlier on this handset.

Can someone suggest some nuskaz..?



Shashank says:


To make the Wi-Fi work in your case:
-Delete the previous “Access point”
-restart Wi-Fi modem
-Scan WiFI with e61i
-Create a new access point

you should be able to surf the internet without ” No gateway reply error”

mraza says:

the problem I have is that when I try to read a message with my E61i, it shows a “General: System Error” messages and reboots. With the E61 it simply freezes.

I cannot read any message, either sent or received, in the phone or memory card. However, when I insert my Finnish SIM card, I have no problems at all.

Any idea of what could be the problem?


I am reallyu satisfied with the openions of the people purchased and experience after using Nokia mobile E61i. I am really impressed with qualities compare to the other mobile within the range of price value. I am also planning to buy one of the same but not new because of financial problems but I will buy one second hand in good condition without any damages and with original asseseries and bill. If anybody is planning to sell the same please contact FRANCIS 9925100462 or 9879800866 (Vadodara- Gujarat)


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