After Armani Here Comes Beyonce Phone By Samsung

13 October 2007 By Shashank

Beyonce phone by samsung

Samsung has released another Cellphone the SGH-F300 which is dubbed as the Beyonce phone (The B-Phone) for the fashion conscious users, Samsung is producing a lot of fashion phones like Prada,Armani,Dolce & Gabanaa and now the Beyonce Phone.

Beyonce was recently spotted at the launch of her and Samsung’s B-phone at the Samsung store in New york but according to news sources it is said that she was flashing something more also apart from the B-phone handset in her see thru green dress 😯

The phone sports a MP3 player on one side and mobile on the other.

Not much details are available right now but who cares after all its a B-Phone .

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ReviewSaurus says:

I’m sure Beyonce fans will buy it just like that! Can any one launch S-phone (Sachin Tendulkar) or A-phone (Amitabh Bacchan)….Samsung…can you hear me ???

Nirmal says:

Looks good, but girlish color. 😀

Shashank says:

Hope Samsung will hear you 🙂

Don’t worry it comes in brown colour too 😉

ram says:

Looks good, attractive color

marticia says:

how much do the phone cost?

maria says:

look really good and how much does it cost

amanda+ says:

that phone is off the chain

Eva White says:

Such good marketing strategy…cashing in on the singer’s popularity! But I guess everyone gains and so no one’s complaining!

Nadia French says:

It looks really good and i would really love to get one. But how much does it cost ❓ 🙄

ikki says:

this telephone roks i love this phone i have a byonce telephone in pink coolor D

ikki says:

byonce you rokkkkkkkkkkk P


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